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1. PS-110 GL

Heated area 5 m³ -12 m³.
Stove height 60, width 39 and depth 45 cm. Stones 20 kg. Stove heated in the same room.
If possible, we recommend to use net around the smoke pipe!

All sizes are given in manuals 

Standard product parameters: glass door (200 x 220 mm); upper chimney connection; door hinges on the left; black colour of casing; sauna stove is covered with thermal paint; metal handle.

Additional facilities: wooden handle; door hinges on the right-hand side; red/black colour of casing including its upper part, from stainless steel casing; upper part of casing from stainless steel. Find more options here

An opportunity to order reverse model, i. e. with upper connection only, on the side of a burning compartment door.

2. P-116 

Heated area 8 m³-18 m³.
Stove height 73, width 43 and depth 51 cm. Stones 40 kg. Stove heated in the same room.

All sizes are given in manuals