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1. P-220

3. SY-220

Heated area 16 m³-25 m³.
Stove height 84, Ø 56 cm. Stones 110 kg.

Standard product parameters: without or with glass door (230 x 230 mm); upper chimney connection; door hinges on the left; black colour of casing; sauna stove is covered with thermal paint; wooden handle, with or without opportunity to connect water tank (back, left-hand or right-hand side connection).

Additional facilities:  stainless steel handle (like a handle for the fireplace door); reverse model of stove; door hinges on the right-hand side; red/black colour of casing including its upper part, from stainless steel casing; upper part of casing from stainless steel. Find more options here

4. P-22040

Heated area 16 m³-25 m³. Stove height 81, width 61 and depth 51 cm. Stones 50 kg. The oven tank can be removed or replaced (except for the back side tank).

Stoves heated in the other room.
All sizes are given in manuals